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Unleash the Power of Automation

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Your trading partner that never sleeps. Trade effectively with minimal time, effort, and knowledge required. Join now for hassle-free 24/7 trading, 365 days a year.

GBot Automated Operation


The application offers fast trading, where due to automation personal emotions and the current well-being of the user are not involved. The user determines only the basic parameters for the purchase of coins and leaves the robot to to trade independently

The principle of operation is based on the sensory and immediate response of the application, depending on what is happening on the stock exchange (closed positions, opening orders to buy / sell, etc.).

GBot Faster Trading


Trading with the help of the GBot application takes place on the largest crypto exchange platform Binance on market Futures and Spot which enables constant monitoring of market movements at the global level - the use and possibility of purchasing most of the available coins on Binance.

GBot Binance Futures


GBot Advantage

Discover the powerful DCA trading strategy

A proven method of Dollar-Cost Averaging that allows you to navigate market fluctuations and optimize your investment for long-term success. Embrace DCA and watch your portfolio grow steadily, even in volatile times.

GBot Advantage

Seamlessly connect the application with Discord for 24/7 monitoring of events

Receive real-time messages and execute commands to stay on top of your trading game at all times. Stay informed and in control with our convenient Discord integration.

GBot Advantage

Achieve risk diversification like never before

Seamlessly manage over 20 coins simultaneously on FUTURES, empowering you to navigate the markets with confidence and flexibility. Number of coins on SPOT depends on the selected subscription.

GBot Advantage

Experience unparalleled customer support through our Discord application

Our team is always ready to assist you, providing real-time solutions and expert guidance for a seamless trading experience. Join our community and discover the power of personalized support right at your fingertips.

GBot Advantage

Uninterrupted trading discipline

Embrace a consistent and relentless trading discipline with our platform - no pauses, only continuous opportunities for financial success.

GBot Advantage

Discover the simplicity of trading with predefined parameters - no expertise required

Our user-friendly platform empowers you to begin trading effortlessly and embark on your journey to financial success with ease.



Unlock the full potential of your investment with the greatest possible dispersion of coins, ensuring optimal diversification and safeguarding your entire principal.


Experience the ultimate convenience as our application operates autonomously after configuration, requiring no user interference. Sit back, relax, and watch your trading endeavors thrive effortlessly.


Tailor your risk by setting the percentages allocated to each coin, with a maximum of 20% of your entire balance for one coin in Futures trading and unlimited flexibility for Spot trading. Take charge of your financial destiny and trade with confidence like never before.

Gbot Efficiency

What our customers say

Rok from Ljubljana
Civil servant
I use the Gbot app because a friend told me about it. The application is relatively easy to use, it takes you little time, I have control over my funds non-stop in the palm of my hand.
Daniel from Turjak
I highly recommend the GBot app to anyone who wants worry-free cryptocurrency trading. Even in severe bear market it's a safe application, and very profitable in the normal market. I am very happy with the help and support of administrators and other users on Discord if i have any questions.
Alex from Koper
Systems Engineer
Gbot is a great bot with an excelent web interface. In addition to automatic trading, it has a detailed overview of all the actions taken as well as past statistics so you can easily decide which coins the bot trades.
Bot user
I have been using the GBOT app for a good year now. My profit over the year ranged from 0.5% to 15% depending on how you set up your coins. The application is highly dependent on the movement of the market which has a strong impact on it while the app has no impact on the market itself. Using the application itself is very easy because you learn it very quickly.
Šuki from Bled
Bot user
The app is like a long-distance run. Great for saving nerves, for saving your time and decision-making in effect... Just the opposite from the manual trading. Very easy to use, and if you have any questions, there are instructions for use and a support team on Discord or via e-mail. I like that the other customers also answer certain questions quickly. And also in Slovenian! Earnings depend on the amount of the investment and the actual fluctuations of the market. If anyone thinks they will get rich overnight, they are wrong.


Experience real-time ROE with safe app settings, averaging 0.25% daily and 7.5% monthly on the Futures market in the last 180 days. Join now and unlock consistent growth!

GBot Earnings


  • One month free trial
  • Operating system Windows 10 or newer
  • Monthly rental payment for Futures feature = 15% of your monthly profit + VAT (if there is no profit, the monthly rental is not charged).
  • Monthly subscription (fixed) for Spot feature is calculated according to the price list
  • As the bot uses a predefined DCA algorithm we recommend a minimum account balance 3000 USDT


Unleash your trading potential with our cutting-edge app boasting two powerhouse bots - the "Futures Market" and "Spot Market" trading bots. Conquer the markets with precision and confidence as you embrace the future of trading innovation. Take charge now and pave your way to success!


  • Introducing GBot - your trading ally with a powerful preset trading algorithm (Dollar-Cost Averaging - DCA),
  • Ideal for beginners seeking simplicity and success,
  • Get started with a recommended minimum balance of 3000 USDT in your Futures wallet,
  • Best of all, you only pay a monthly rental fee of 15% + VAT of your earnings generated through GBot (no earnings - no rental charge),
  • Embrace the future of hassle-free trading today!


  • The ultimate trading solution with a versatile preset trading algorithm and full customization support,
  • Whether you're a beginner or an advanced trader, GBot caters to all levels of expertise,
  • Get started with a recommended minimum value of 300 USDT in your Spot wallet,
  • Enjoy the simplicity of a fixed monthly subscription for seamless Spot trading,
  • Elevate your trading experience to new heights!



Starting at

14.17 € / mo.


  • 3 spot bots
  • Standard

    Starting at

    21.67 € / mo.


  • 10 spot bots
  • Pro

    Starting at

    33.33 € / mo.


  • Unlimited spot bots

    1 / 5


    The first page of the Gbot application a user can see. It contains basic information about the user's account:

    • balance
    • daily / monthly earnings
    • current PNL
    • number of trades performed and
    • amount of principal in circulation (%)